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2015-Mar-2 14:24 - Another Birthday


I had another damn birthday in Feb, which I thought I had cancelled wanting no more of them as age is catching up to me. My sex buddy who I haven???????t seen for a few weeks had asked me the week before if he could come over on my birthday and we could watch some porn then have sex in which I had no problem agreeing to. I told him that he could stay the night as he likes his drink and no way I want him to drive back home. He showed up early that evening of my birthday and he had brought with him some porn movies as he has a good collection of them plus a large case of beer again that seemed weird to me why so much as I don???????t drink. I always keep a lot of snack foods and some frozen pizza on hand at all times as well. He had suggested that we should both take our clothes off, as we would be having sex later on after we got aroused from watching some porn and besides he is like me and loves to be in the nude. I then turned on the gas fireplace as being naked it felt a little cool in the room, which I don???????t like. He didn???????t seem too much in a hurry to start the movie and just as I was going to say something to him, then the doorbell rang and here we were both stark naked, but he got up fast and went to the door which I thought again was weird. I then heard him talking to some guys who later found out they were some friends of his that he had invited to come and he wanted to surprise me. There were four of them and as soon as he introduced them to me they started to remove their clothes joining both my buddy and me in the nude. I must say two of them were nicely hung and was hoping I would later be given the chance to give at least one of them a blowjob as that is always on my mind and love doing it. He got them each a beer and then started the movie. I always like hearing guys making comments when a porn movie is playing. It didn???????t take long before I notice that three of the guys had a hard on in which also got me excited seeing them rock hard cocks and wasn???????t long before I saw some pre cum oozing from my cock thinking how nice it would be sucking them and maybe getting fucked later. After the first movie finished my buddy suggested that we all take turns in sucking one another???????s cock for starters as he knows that I love to suck different ones and he and I have had sex with one another quite a few times over the past years doing almost everything and one thing I like with him now is that he prefers being a top and he just loves filling up my ass with his big loads. I did fuck him a few times a long time ago. The evening was going by fast and the beer was running low not that it mattered much as every one except me that doesn???????t drink was feeling no pain by any means. Before midnight every one of us had given and received a blowjob plus done a threesome and more with one another. And out of the six of us there were only two guys that were into fucking, one my buddy who was now a preferred top and one other guy that was very nicely hung and was both a top and bottom which also got to fuck me first as my buddy said he can fuck me any time. The guy that fucked me said his wife was out of town for the weekend and only had sex with a few guys before this as where the others were not married and were all gay. My buddy watching me getting fucked got so horny that he wanted to pound my ass right after this guy had drained himself deep into me. While my buddy was fucking me a couple of guys were kissing and doing different things with one another and the other two were taking turns sucking in different positions. My sex buddy was so horny that he was driving his cock fast and hard into my ass and the cum that the other guy had shot into me was squirting out of my ass and I guess making room for a new load that my buddy was just about to deposit. It was two AM in the morning now and every one was well-drained dry and tired and ready to go back home, but both my buddy and me persuaded them to stay the night, as they were all pissed and tired plus I had lots of space here. I had three guys sleeping all naked in my bed with me, which was a little cramped but fun feeling a cock brushing against me and the two other sleeping in the other bedroom. I was the first to wake up and couldn???????t wait to take a nice shower and clean my ass as I notice I had cum on the bed sheet. The others woke up one by one and by 10 in the morning every body was up drinking coffee and having a light breakfast and waiting there turn to take a shower. By noon every one had left and my ass was still a little soar from all that pounding it had taken the night before but felt good at the time that I was getting fucked and my cock knob felt a little soar from being sucked by the different guys and very sensitive especially when the spray from the shower hit it. I know had to change my bed sheets and do a wash as well as the other bed, then I just stayed naked sitting in front of the warm fire which felt good as it was still very cold outside where I lived.


2015-Feb-24 13:45 - The Boys

I have a friend who knows nothing about me being gay or my sex life with guys, plus I have others as well. Any ways it seems that my friend's mother had just pasted away and she lives in the UK. He has also two young teen-age boys and his wife had died of cancer a few years ago and no relatives close by. He wanted to fly to the UK for the funeral, but had no passports for the kids and was very upset that this would stop him from going. Once he had told me all of this I couldn't help but suggest that they would be welcome to stay with me as I have a spare bedroom with a queen size bed in it, which they could both sleep in, and besides it would be for only a short time. I have met the boys a few times at his place. Once I told him this he couldn't thank me enough and decided he would talk to his boys and get right back to me. He called me that same night at the cottage to tell me everything was OK and with in two days he would be flying out. I told him that I could pick up the boys if he wanted in which he agreed. At this point I was still at my friends cottage and left early the next morning for home. This meant that I wouldn't be able to hang out in the nude for a few days, as none of my friends know that I do this. I had one more day left to enjoy being nude before I pick up the boys, so I had spent the whole day mainly outside nude which I love doing. After picking them up at their house I stopped off at the super market to get some food to tie us over during their stay. They had brought with them their notebooks and tablets to keep them occupied. To get back to my story here I wanted to say that I am a early riser and always was were as the boys didn't get up until nine the next morning as I could here them as the bedroom that they were in is above my family room where I spend a lot of my time, plus the boards squeak a bit when waking on them. All of a sudden it seemed quite, then noticed that the light on my phone was on telling me the line was in use. I also have a lot of close circuit cameras, both in and outside of the house, not in the bedrooms plus a monitor, which they are all displayed on. I turned on the monitor, which is normally on any ways and noticed that one of the boys was only in his boxers talking on the phone up in the living room, when now his brother came into view of the camera also in his boxer shorts and stood in front of him, then suddenly he started to play with his brothers crotch which really started to get me excited and surprised the shit out of me. His brother just kept on talking not pushing him away by any means. This went on for a couple of minutes, and then he put the phone back in it's cradle once he finished talking and then he suddenly dropped to the floor on his knees pulling his brothers boxers down to his ankles exposing his brothers rock hard cock pointing straight out at him. He wasted no time in shoving it into his mouth, which lasted another couple of minutes or so. In the mean time I had also got a hard on watching all of this and could feel some pre cum oozing out of my cock from all this excitement. The brother then got back up off his knees while the other one pulled up his shorts and they both disappeared from view of the camera in which they probably never realized that they were being seen and not aware of the camera being there as they just got here the day before. Then next I could here them back in their bedroom and I have no idea what went on in there, but I could imagine the sucking might had continued or maybe more, who knows. They sure got me excited seeing two young brothers going at it. They have a shower in there room and never got to see them in the nude except for this one incident. About a half hour later they both came down to where I was sitting, now both wearing shorts and a t-shirt. We then all went up to the kitchen and I made coffee for myself while they had breakfast. They ended staying with me for five days altogether and soon learnt where the cameras were located and never saw any more of them playing with one another again, but can imagine what went on when they went to bed both sleeping in the same bed with one another. I think this is the longest time that I have kept all my clothes on as well which I hate as no way I wanted them telling there dad that I hung out in the nude while they were here. After there dad had picked them up in a few days and left, my clothes were off in no time, which felt good as, the weather here has been hot and humid and now I felt free in my bare skin once again.

2015-Feb-24 13:39 - The Wink

As I mentioned before I still belong to a few groups and I had received this e-mail from this guy, actually it was just a wink and nothing else. I went to his profile, which didn't have much information there, so I just sent him back a wink just for the fun of it. I knew nothing about him and he had no picture on his profile. Shortly he sent me back another e mail this time with a little more information about himself, still no head or cock photo saying he liked my profile and my nude photos and he has never been with another guy for sex, but wanted to for some time, but to scared to make a move. He had mentioned that he was in his mid forties, with average build and married. I figure that he lived not to far from me based on what he said in his e-mail. He mentioned he had about a 6 inch uncut cock and that was about all. I replied back asking him if he wanted to come out to my place as I live alone and for starters we could hang out in the nude and just talk some. He knew some stuff about me and knew what I looked like as this was all in my profile. When he replied back he said he would like to, but was still scared a little and he might back out once at my place and he suggested that on this particular Saturday his wife would be out for the day and if it would be all right with me. In my reply back I said it was and gave him instructions on how to get to my place. Before he arrived I had taken a shower and just put on a pair of boxer shorts. When the doorbell rang I went to the door to let him in. I was surprised as he was not a bad looking guy and about my height. I led him in to the family room where I had lit a fire, as this was a cool fall day. Once there I removed my boxers leaving me stark naked in front of him. I suggested that he also remove his clothes as he just seemed to stand there not doing anything, and that we both could lie nude in front of the fire and talk. He then slowly started to get undress and once he was naked his cock looked great with a nice set of balls hanging loosely. We both got on the floor close to the warmth of the fire and I layed very close to him putting my arm around his shoulder as we started talking and could tell that he was starting to feel a little more relaxed. As we talked I slowly moved my hand onto his balls feeling them very lightly, then started to stroke his cock a little and he never said anything or stopped me. It wasn't long before I felt his cock starting to get hard and while still stroking him I started to lick on his nipple. All the time I was doing this he just layed there. At this time are bodies were very close to each other and my small hard cock was pressing against him. I asked him to spread his legs so I could lie in between them and give his balls a good lick then start sucking on his hard cock. As I was doing this he was now very relaxed lying there with his eyes closed. It wasn't long before he started to make some noises knowing he was about to shoot his load, in which he did into my mouth, which he was very surprised that I took his creamy cum into my mouth and swallowed it. I then cuddled back up with him and talked some more and while talking I took his hand and guided it to my cock and balls and rubbed then still holding his hand for a few minutes and then I removed my hand as he seemed to know what I wanted him to do on his own. I ask him if he wanted to lick my cock and to my surprised he started to lick it while feeling my balls, and then he put my cock into his mouth and started to suck me slowly. I could tell that it wouldn't be long before I would deposit my load and told him as I started to feel myself about to come and he remove his mouth from my cock and finished off by jerking me and ended up with my cum in his hand. He went to the sink to wash the cum off his hands and came back and we laid beside each other again and now he seemed very proud of himself that he got his first blow job from a guy and he also gave his first one. Before he left he asked me if he could come back sometime, as he was no longer scared and enjoyed it and wanted to do more which got me excited as I would love to have him fuck me with his nice hard uncut cock dumping a nice load into my ass.

2015-Feb-24 13:38 - The Woods

 Back in the sixties I had found a nice spot to go nude, but to get there I had to park my car on the side of the road and walk through the woods a little way to get there on a old trail that lead to this area. This one time as I was walking through the woods I came across two younger guys walking towards me and as they got close to me this one guy said that his buddy was horny and needs to fuck very badly. I said that I was sorry that I couldn't help as back then I wasn't into sex with guys until a short time later. This one guy had different ideas as he suddenly grabbed me around my neck holding me in a bent position while his buddy grabbed my pants and underwear and yanking them down exposing my ass. Being in this bent position with this guy standing in front of me, holding me I could see that he had a hard on from looking at his bulge in his pants. I couldn't see this guy behind me, but his must had also dropped his pants as I now could feel him standing behind me as he was spreading my ass with his hands, then he gave a few globs of spit into my ass hole, I then felt his cock entering me hurting some what as he slid it in. I even got a hard on myself which back then I used to get them regular for no reason. Once his cock was in me he wasted no time in pounding my ass with the other guy holding me tight until he shot his load of cum in a very short time. His buddy kept me in this bent position until his friend had pulled out of me dripping a few drops of cum on my leg and had pulled up his pants then he let go of me throwing me to the ground as they then both ran off. At the time I thought they were both going to take turns in fucking me or making me suck their cocks. I got back up on my feet and pulled my pants back up. I didn't want to turn back in case I met them again, so I headed towards my spot were I was heading for to start with. Once there I removed my clothes and noticed a fair amount of this guys cum in my shorts as it was still seeping out of my ass. I layed down on the grass thinking about what just had happened. I also noticed some pre cum on my cock. I never even got to see his cock, only felt it entering me and leaving me with a little soar messy wet ass. This was the first time I had ever gotten fucked under these circumstances and a few years later I had a similar surprise attack while sun bathing in another park.

2015-Feb-24 13:36 - Walking my dog


Where I lived in the suburbs a long time ago there was lots of reserve land that the government owned and nothing could be built on it, which made it great as it had natural trails as well. Back then I used to put my dog in the car and go there and would park on the side of this gravel road and I would let the dog run without having a leash on. It was within five minutes from where I lived and back then it was not built up like today so not many people used the trails. I used to head to the wooded area and not the open fields as I used to take my clothes off and hide them behind some big boulders and walk around naked along the trails with my dog. I always love to be in the nude and have done this many times which roughly took half an hour until I got back to my spot where I had left my clothes. From all the time I started to walk in this area I came across a couple of incidents, once I met a guy jogging as I was walking stark naked and as wet met one another we both said hi and we kept on going our own way and another time I met another guy riding a mountain bike and I just waved as he was about to pass me. For the years I was walking naked they were the only two people that I met and no one stopped to ask why I was naked. These days there are a lot of people using these trails and you couldn't do that today without being reported. I have also been near that area a few years ago and met guys sitting in there cars in the now small parking lot waiting for guys to have sex with as it is well know to the bi and gay guys. From the parking lot we would head to the tall bushy areas and have sex as this was a very large area and no trails close by so it was very private from others people. I also enjoy driving nude on the rural roads, as that is a good feeling and even got more daring as I would leave my clothes in the back seat or if it was evening even in the truck which made it more exciting knowing I have nothing to cover up with if I had to if I had got stopped. It makes it more fun knowing that you could be seen naked at any time rather in your back yard where some like my yard is very private and that is one reason I spend a lot of time nude outside during the good weather.

2015-Feb-24 13:33 - Stag Party

 Back when I used to drink, which now is about twenty some years ago I met a guy at a stag party. Him and I had been watching some stag movies with few other guys plus they had a stripper there. I was feeling pretty good when this young guy grabbed my balls and asked me if I wanted to have some fun. Since he had grabbed me I knew what he was referring to and watching these movies would make any body horny. I asked him if he wanted to come to my place as I lived in the city at that time and only minutes from where we were. He said he would follow me with his car and he was a non-drinker and horny being at this stag party watching movies. Once at my place we sat on the couch and next we were feeling each other up and kissing. He starter slowly removing my clothes down to my shorts and as I said I had a few to many and felt tired so he also removed his clothes down to his shorts. I started to suck on his nipples while his hands were busy feeling my crotch and next his hand slipped inside them and started feeling my balls, then he started to pull my shorts off leaving me naked. I then reached into his shorts when his hard thick cock popped out of them. He then slipped them off, as I was slow in doing things that night. He then bent over and started to lick my balls then suck my cock which was also good and hard now. After a short time of sucking me he had me shoot my load, with cum squirting over me as he pulled my cock out of his mouth knowing that I was about to come. It was now my turn to suck him and also spent some time both licking and sucking until he also came in my mouth and I swallowed which I must say that beer and cum is not the best mixture on your stomach when you had one to many. It was getting late by now and me not feeling the best, he suggested that we go to the bedroom and lay on the bed for a while. Here we had lot more room to fool around in which we did for some time. From here all I can remember I was on my back holding my legs up as he was fucking me with his large thick cock and it didn't hurt going into my ass as the booze took away any pain. I must have fallen asleep soon after as I woke up a few hours latter lying on my stomach for some reason as I always sleep on my back and my ass was all wet with his cum and lots of it. Maybe he fucked me more than once in a different position as the sheets were also stained in a few places and he was nowhere to be seen and must have left after fucking me dumping his load of cum into my ass at least one or more times. I had no idea what time he left or even remembered his name. The only thing he left me was an ass full of cum and stained bed sheets. I was still feeling groggy from the night before and manage to take a shower washing the messy cum from my ass and then I lay down on the couch for a few more hours of rest.

2015-Feb-24 13:29 - Two Nude Guys


This guy has contacted me a few times now by email and wanted to see if he could meet up with me to just hang out in the nude and watch some porn, as he wasn't into the gay scene at least yet. He has mentioned this every time that he emailed me and also mentioned he likes to be nude and just wanted to be nude with another guy just for fun of it and watch some porn together and he knew that I also like to hang out nude as all my group profiles mentioned that. I eventually did agreed to meet up with him and he said he couldn't meet at his place, as he was married with a family, which was all right with me as I prefer to be at my place anyways. He showed up on a Monday after noon, as that was his day off from the store he worked at. We went into the family room where the TV was as well as the DVD player. I had gotten a few porn movies out earlier in the day both regular and gay and left it up to him to decide which to watch as I have seen them all many times as I like to watch them to get me excited enough and jerk off while watching them. I now started to remove my clothes and like wise he did as well. At this point I have only seen a couple of his cock photos that he had sent me and he has seen many of mine. He certainly has a very nice body and seeing him fully naked standing in front of me was starting to get me excited with that nice size cock of his just hanging there soft and his ball sac dangling were as his photos he had sent me he was hard and tight balls. We first sat down on the couch and we had a short talk about various things before we started to watch the movie. Once I started the movie playing I then sat down this time very close to him as possible, our naked bodies touching one another and I put my arm around his shoulder which he didn't seem to mind as he never said any thing or moved and while we were watching the movie I couldn't help myself but I started stroking his cock and feeling his ball sac in which he was now rock hard either from watching the movie or me playing with his cock. He seemed to be enjoying either the movie or me feeling him up or both and he never removed my hand or said any thing. I just kept doing it for a while until I saw some pre cum oozing from his cock head which made me loose it and I bent over to lick it off, then I couldn't stop there so I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and started to suck him, then trying to see how much I could take into my mouth with out choking, then I started going faster and harder as I couldn't wait to receive his pay load of cum in my mouth. He was now starting to moan out loud with pleasure and he leaned back closing his eyes and I knew that he was enjoying it and soon about to shoot his load of cum. He finally did, screaming as it was shooting out of his cock draining his balls and filling my mouth up. After a minute or so in my mouth I swallowed it all. He just couldn't thank me for that wonderful feeling you get when being sucked off and said that I was the first guy to ever do that to him. In the mean time we started to watch what was left of the movie and I kept on playing with both his cock and balls until the movie finished. All the time we were together he never once touched my cock or any part of me, but I kept playing and sucking him on and off as he stayed hard most the time until he was ready to head back home and I did make him shoot another load all over his chest this time as I was taking turns sucking and jerking him. Once he was drained dry I then started to lick his cum off his body and any that was left on his cock and then I gave him a towel to wipe himself. Shortly after that he put his clothes back on and left for home where as for me I stretched out on the couch still fully naked and played with my cock for a short time and finally jerked myself off as I was very horny and shot a nice load all over my body making me feel very relieved. I was hoping that he would contact me back and maybe we could do a lot more with each other since he had said how much he had enjoyed it and hope that he would try exploring my body and me more of his, but so far I haven't heard back from him.

2015-Feb-24 13:27 - Sex on the road

A few summers ago I had a university student doing some odd jobs around the house for me during the summer months. I would go and pick him up and later take him back home. On this particular day as I was taking him home as we were talking about sex and things he said he was very horny and out of my mouth without thinking I said to him if he wanted a blow job regretting what I had said. To my surprise he asks me if I was serious and as I looked at him I said yes. We were taking the back roads to his place and I knew of a unused road nearby as I had been down on this road a few years earlier which had no name or houses on it and came to a dead end and was the width of a driveway with ditches on each side and potholes on this gravel road. We were very close now and it just looks like a driveway from the road we were on and we went a little way on it and pulled over to one side for some reason as this road was not being used. When stopped we got out of the van ant went to the front of it and I pulled his short pants down to his ankle and at this point he was already hard as a rock. His cock was about seven inches uncut. I bent over grabbing his hard cock and started licking his shaft, then licking the head of his cock,then sucking it. After doing this a bit I stopped and asked him if he would like to fuck me and he asked me if I had any rubbers on me and I said no only at home. I convinced him to fuck me anyway which he agreed to do. I then dropped my shorts to my ankles and leaned over the front of the van exposing my ass to him and then could feel his rock hard cock as he slapped it on my ass then I could feel it slowly entering my ass which felt good. It didn't take him long before he shot his load into my ass and as he kept pumping away I could feel his cum running down my legs. I had some paper towels in the van to wipe the cum up, then we pulled up our pants and then turned the van around and headed down the road to his home. He came back a couple of more times that summer and each time we had sex

2015-Feb-24 13:22 - Thanksgiven Monday

A college student who I had met in the past and had sex with contacted me a week before our Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend asking me if I had any plans for the Holiday. When I got back to him I told him that I was just staying at home and no other plans and just left it at that. To my surprise he got back telling me he also was staying in town, as it was to far and expensive to travel to his home for such a short time and wondered if he could spend some of the long weekend with me hanging out in the nude and maybe more if I was up to it. It's been a while since I had any one stay over and it would be nice to share my bed with another guy with both of us naked in it. If I remember correctly I think we had performed oral on one another and I can't remember how big his cock was or if it was cut or uncut as it has been a while since we saw one another. He will be staying a few nights and who knows we might even get some fucking in with one another as he had told me he has had a little more experience now as he has met some other guys from the college and had sex with some of them. A couple of days later after serious thinking about it and getting horny also thinking about it I contacted him telling him that it was a go with me. He remembered where I lived and also he had his own car so on that Friday after his last class he would just head on over to my place. I also as a joke told him that just to pack a toothbrush, as he wouldn't be needing anything else as we will be naked all the time as well as sleeping naked together. He arrived at my place around five o'clock on Friday evening of the long weekend and I just had my boxer shorts on as I went to the door to let him in. I have been caught before going to the door naked as it wasn't the person who I was expecting He had his toothbrush in a plastic bag and wasted no time in removing his clothes once in the house and while he was doing that I removed my boxers leaving me stark naked and he soon joined me. It was nice to see his cock again as it was very nice size and damn if I could remember what it looked like from before and was hoping that it would get a lot more of a work out than just being sucked on. He remembered that I didn't drink booze so he brought some for himself anyways. We sat down on the couch sitting very close to one another, I put one arm around him and my other hand stroking his cock and him doing the same with me and it wasn't long before we were both hard and we both started showing signs of pre cum. A short time later I just couldn't wait any longer, as I wanted his hard cock in my mouth and to taste his cum again. I bent over and started to lick his shaft as well as his balls, then back to his knob and hearing him moaning and groaning with pleasure I was hoping that he wouldn't shoot his load to soon. I wasn't going to take any chances so I stopped and let him go down on me for a while, and then I suggested that we should lie opposite to each other so we both could suck at the same time and also we did the old 69er as well and then it just seemed funny that he just started to blew his load into my mouth and before he had finished I also blew mine onto his face as he had pulled his mouth off of my cock. He had told me before that he didn't like the taste of cum and still doesn't and myself I also didn't like the stuff when I first started sucking cocks years ago, but now I just swallow the stuff and think nothing of it. After a short time he went to the bathroom to wipe off the stuff from his face and got a beer for himself and a coke for me and we again sat very close feeling the warmth from our naked bodies. About an hour later we started to make some super, then after we watched some television cuddled up until it was time to go to bed. Once in bed we started to play around with each other again and we did some more sucking and shortly he asked me if I had any condoms in which case I always have some around the place and I opened up the night table draw beside the bed and pulled one out of the box as well as some lube. I handed him both and watched him unroll the condom down on his hard cock getting me very excited knowing that it would soon be in my ass, then he placed some lube on it. He then handed me back the lube so I could put some on my ass hole. After asking him what position he wanted me in, he suggested we could start first with both of us laying on our sides with him behind me for starters in which we did but it didn't take very long as he shot his load a short time after he started to fuck me. By now it was late and he removed the condom that had a fair amount of cum in it from his now soft cock and we cuddled up together and shortly we both fell asleep. I am always an early riser so I got out of bed around six and went for a piss, then decided to get back into bed as there wasn't much to do any ways and just lay there naked beside his naked body until he wakes up which surprising he shortly did. He also had to go for a piss and once he got back into bed we cuddled up pushing our naked bodies very tight to each other and talked and at the same time we french kissed each other. Our cocks were both hard again and we licked each other's nipples. We finally started to suck one another until we both shot our loads, his went into my mouth and my load shot onto me, then we got out of bed and took a nice long shower together, lathering each other up and playing a little more, then had breakfast. We watch a fair amount of porn movies over the weekend and did a lot of sucking, plus he fucked me in various positions a few time and I did fuck him a couple of times, which normally I don't do as I prefer being the receiver, but he wanted to feel my cock in his ass. After the first time I fucked him he enjoyed it very much that he wanted me to do it again later on. We also took a bath together, which was fun as we played with each other doing various things. The long weekend went by very fast and was sorry to see him start putting on his clothes. We then both headed to the door, me still in the nude and we gave each other a big hug, then he left for his place. My cock knob was starting to feel sore and very sensitive from all the sucking it got in such a short period of time and my stomach had received it's fair share of cum as well. I think this coming week I will just take it easy and think of the fun times we had together and give my cock a little rest.

2015-Feb-24 13:19 - The Washroom

I used to have an older gay friend living in a small town a fair distance from me and we stayed in touched by phone, as we didn't get to see one another to often, also he had no computer. After a few years we somehow drifted apart from one another for no reason or another that I can remember. I never had sex with him, but would had loved to and he did mentioned that he had a couple of blow jobs from a guy, but that is all he told me so I don't know if he did or not. I had not only had told him that I have been with guys and have given blow jobs as well as received then and also had fucked guys and been fucked and showed him some photos to prove it. A year or so after we stopped communicating with each other I started getting phone calls with the number blocked, which I never bother to answer if block calls come my way. A couple of time I would receive some calls from numbers that I didn't recognized and when I would answer them a guy would asked if this was xxx and when I said it was he said he got my phone number off a toilet wall stall from this small town shopping center where my friend lived and he was the only one with my number and only friend that knew I was gay and having sex with guys, also he wrote saying that I was available for sex with guys. We talked for a while and he said he also had no computer and knew nothing about me like age etc. I told him that there were lots of guys around my way into sex without me driving a hundred miles or more to meet him, as we both never have seen one another. He said being he lived in this small town and he knew no guys there to have sex with and wasn't interested in coming all the way to my place. So that was the end of our conversation. I found out later that my past friend had also put my phone number on a few other washroom stalls in other towns. Another call that I received after had also said he saw my number and he wrote it down and again after talking a bit he said he had a computer, so I gave him my e-mail address and once he contacted me I gave him a site to go to where he could not only check out my profile, but see some nude pictures of me. I also told him if he was still interested to also send me some nude photos of him and we would go from there. It wasn't long after that he got back to me stating that he was very interested in meeting me as soon as possible. At this time I had also seen a couple of his nude photos that he had sent to me and they looked very interesting and he had a nice size cock. He mentioned that he was separated and very horny and came to town my way a few times a year and that he would be this way in a couple of weeks. I had agreed to meet him either I could meet him closer to his route and we could go into the woods and have sex or if he wanted to drop by my place which is a little out of his way in which he did. Once he was inside the house we headed to my bedroom and we both started to remove all our clothes, and then got onto the bed where we talked some more while feeling one another's cocks getting them hard. We sucked one another in various positions and finally we both shot our loads with him coming into my mouth and just as I told him that I was coming he pulled my cock out of his mouth with me shooting my load of cum on the bed sheets and on me. We then talked some more and he said that he had to go into town and if it were ok with me he would drop by on his way home and we could do more which sounded good with me. I just stayed in the nude and waited and hope he didn't change his mind and within a couple of hours he pulled back into the lane way. I met him at the door still in the nude and he wasted no time in getting in and headed to the bedroom where we were before. He had is clothes off in no time and then started to grab my cock and me doing the same to him. I bent over him and started to suck his cock a bit then asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He asked if I had any rubbers in which I did and I reached into the side table draw and grabbed one and a tube of lubrication. I tore the rubber from its wrapper and started to unroll it on his hard cock and placing some lube onto it as well. I asked him what position he wanted me in, and he suggested the doggy position. He started to play with my ass with his boner rubbing it up and down my butt crack and then he slowly slipped it all the way into me hurting a bit as it was sliding deep into me. After fucking slowly at first he then started pounding my ass rapidly and shortly I could tell he was about to shoot his load. When he pulled out of me his cock was semi hard with a fair amount of cum you could see in the condom. He asked me if I was now ready to fuck him as he removed his used rubber, and he took another new rubber from the draw and unrolled it on my cock putting some lube on it and he got into the same position with me behind him and likewise I slowly entered his ass and fucked him until I also shot my load. Likewise when I pulled out of his ass my condom was just about to slip off my now soft cock. After we put our clothes back on I suggested that he let me know when he is coming back to town as we could have sex again if he wanted which he said he would like to.

2015-Feb-24 13:17 - Sun bathing with a guy

I have always enjoyed being nude whenever I have the chance I spend a lot of time nude in the house or outside. Now that I live in the rural area and have lots of property with lots of trees around which makes it perfect for being nude outside during the summer months and can work around the house cutting grass etc. I have been a nudist for many years and have been to some nudist resorts and nude beaches with friends etc. I belong to some nudist groups on the internet and one day I saw a message from a guy looking for a place to sun bathe in the nude which he was only a few miles away from me. I applied to his message telling him about my place and he was very interested and we set up a day that he was available. Lucky that day turned out very warm and sunny and when he showed up I met him at the door wearing just my shorts. I showed him around outside and then we went to the deck where he started to get undressed and at the same time I removed my shorts and here I was all nude and my small dick being exposed. It didn't take him long to undress and he was very white compare to my tan all over from head to toe and his dick was bigger than mine in which most guys are any ways. We sat down and talked a bit then we laid down on the loungers and started soaking up the sun. All during this time we talked about every thing including sex and sex with guys that started to get me excited. He asked me if I had ever given a guy a blowjob or received one from a guy and at that point I said yes I have He then got off the lounger and knelt down beside me and started to put his hand near my crotch sliding his hand back and forth getting closer to my balls in each movement until he started to feel them and then he leaned over and started to lick them and I got very hard and then he stared to play with my balls and started to lick my cock tip, then started to suck which felt very good with his warm mouth going down all the way back and forth and in no time I could feel myself starting to come and I told him, but he kept sucking faster and faster and them I blew my load right into his mouth which he seemed to enjoy very much. That felt very good and a lot better than jerking off. I then sat up on my lounger and started to feel his balls and he then stood up where his cock was right in line with my mouth so I started to lick it, and then I put it into my mouth and kept sucking slowly and then faster as he began making noises and finally he also shot his warm cum into my mouth with out any warning. He seemed to have shot a big load as some of his cum was dribbling out of my mouth and I swallowed it, as I didn't like the taste that much. We both then laid on our loungers and talked some more. That after noon sure went by fast and he had to head home as he was married and had to be there before his wife came home. This story will continue as it even gets better as the summer months past on.

2015-Feb-24 13:15 - My New Gay Friends

Back in the days when I was dating women and having sex with them, well some of them any ways. I knew most were faking that they were enjoying having sex with me but at least I mostly ended up getting a blowjob or a nice fuck and back then we were risking most of the time as I hardly wore a rubber as back then you used to have to ask the pharmacists for them and most of the girls I met were at bars and we either go to there place or mine which then I lived out of town or we do it in my car. By my late twenties I met a couple of nice guys and started to hang out with them more and more as we went to movies, bowling and swimming together etc. They also introduced me to some of there friends, which we were all around my age. This one guy I really took a liking to and the both of us started to hang out with each other, as he was a nice looking guy. One thing I didn't know at the time was all these guys were gay until one evening when a few of us got together at one of the guys apartment to watch some porn movies and have a few beers. Once they turned off the lights they had lit candles here and there, then they started to play the movie that was on an 8 or 16 mm film and to my surprise this movie was a gay porn movie which I had never seen a gay one before. The movie started to get me very excited in that I got a boner right from the start seeing two guys having sex with one another. It wasn't long before my friend sitting even closer than before started to place his hand and rubbing it on my crotch feeling my hard cock which got me even more excited. I was glad the other two guys were sitting away from us and also glad that the room was dimly lit. My friend while rubbing my crotch with one hand then started to place his other hand under my shirt feeling my nipples, and then he took my shirt off completely. Up to this point I had never had a guy fool around with me so having a few beers and a dim room, plus a gay film I was willing to let him do anything he wanted. I could here the other two guys whispering to one another, then saw one of them get up off the couch and he was stark naked as he went to the fridge and brought us all a beer. My friend now started to kiss my neck and at the same time I could feel him undoing my belt, then he unzipped my zipper, then felt his hand slip into my underwear grabbing my hard cock and he started to stroke it a bit, then he got off the couch and pulled both my jeans and underwear off leaving me start naked. Before he got back on the couch he removed all of his clothes and this was the first time I had ever saw him with a hard cock. Once he got back sitting beside me we cuddle together and he again started to play with my cock and balls and also he took his hand and put it on my hand guiding it to his hard cock in which I also started to feel both his cock and balls while watching the film. Shortly after that he bent over and started to lick both my cock and balls, then he started sucking me and next I could feel things happening, then I shot my load right into his mouth in which he seemed to like the cum as after that he was squeezing my cock hoping for more, then licked my cock clean. I then bent over taking his hard cock into my mouth sucking some then I licked his balls, back licking his cock, and then finished him off by sucking until he also blew his load into my mouth in which I hated that taste of cum, then I swallowed fast, then grabbing a beer to get the taste out of my mouth. After the movie had finished the other guy turned on the lights and that is when I saw them both naked and like wise they saw us as well. We all stayed naked for another hour or so talking and drinking, and then finally we put our clothes back on and headed for home. To make this story shot my friend and the other guys had taught me many things from different positions in sucking to fucking and being fucked in which I did with them all and was enjoying it all very much that I never bothered having sex with any more girls as I loved this life style better.

2015-Feb-24 13:10 - Peeping Toms

I went to meet a guy at his house to have sex with as his wife and kids were out of town. We met on one of our groups that we both belong to back then. He liked my photos and profile that I had posted and wanted to meet up. I was also excited in his cock photos. We went down in his basement rec room as I guess you would now call it the man cave today. We started to watch some porn movies at first and next thing we were fooling around with each other and drinking beer and ended up both naked and feeling pretty good and horny in no time. He was a bi guy and I was also back then. Our naked sweaty bodies were all over one another with our hard cocks jabbing each other as we rolled around. We were cuddling, kissing, nipple sucking and of coarse sucking each others cocks in various positions including the good old 69 er. The only thing we didn't do was fuck. This was a hot summer night and he had the basement windows wide open and a fan running as he had no air condition and the blinds were not closed either, as we wanted to get as much air in plus he was also a smoker. As we were doing different things with one another we thought we heard a noise outside by the window as if something fell over. We stopped what we were doing and just sat they're naked listening for any more noises. He went to turned down the sound of the TV to make it quieter and just as he passed the open window we heard a scuffle outside as they ran off and he just caught a glimpse of two teen-age boys running away as they passed under a street light. We had no idea how long they were looking through the window at us and how much they saw, but they must had seen some if not all of us having sex and blowing each other off with each other plus the porn movie on the TV. There eyes were probably focus on us going at it. He figured that as the window was open they must had heard the sound from the porn movie on the TV from the street as these old city houses are very close to the road were he lived and the TV was turned up a little loud. They must have come to check things out such as the moans and groans that they do in porn. At that stage we were both in no pain as we were feeling good from the beer and our balls were well drained of cum as we had both sucked each other off a couple of times. We sat together still naked for a while playing with each others now soft cocks as he wondered if these kids knew him and he started to wonder if word got out about him being naked with a guy and having sex. While I was playing with his soft cock it started to get hard again and I decided to go down on him one last time before I headed back home. It took a while, but I did blow him with not as much cum shot into my mouth this time. As far as me, no way my cock was going to get hard so we both got our clothes back on and I departed for home, which wasn't far. A month or so went by and I dug up his e-mail address from my computer and asked him if anything got mentioned about that night. He said no and he also said as far as he knew no teen-angers lived in that area as families around there were young with young kids and that was the last I heard from him.

2015-Feb-24 12:52 - New Years Eve

I had a guy email me asking me what I was doing for New Year's Eve and in my reply back to him I said doing nothing, just staying at home. I had met this guy a couple of times over the past few years and we had sex once outside during the summer and once inside in front of the fire place during the winter months. He got back to me suggesting that it would be nice to have a few guys come over to my place as I live alone and hang out in the nude and have sex and mentioned that he new two or maybe three guys available who were single or separated and into gay as well as bi sex that would probably be very interested as two guys were just going to a bar and have some drinks and the other one was staying at his place alone. It didn't take me long to think about it and told him to arrange for the guys and tell them to bring there own booze and I would supply the food and since they will be drinking they could stay the night at my place. A couple of days later he contacted me and said that he and three other guys all agreed making me the fifth one which was a nice small group uneven but still nice. During the week I bought some pizzas, chips, nuts etc. and some other stuff plus got some condoms and lube in case any one wanted to fuck any one. I figure I would be safe to have them, as I only knew just one of the guys out of the four and we had sex plus he had fucked me a few years ago, but he didn't use any rubbers back then. On New Years Eve evening the guy who I had met before showed up fist alone and we chatted a bit, then shortly we both removed all of our clothes ready to great the others when they showed up which was about a half hour later two more guys came together and about ten minutes later the last guy pulled into the driveway. No body wasted any time getting out of their cloths and was nice to see those cocks and dangling balls. Mine being the smallest cock and one other guy was hung nicely and the others sizes in between. They brought lots of beer with them and I had a few gay porn movie plus a couple of regular ones and I had previously lite the fireplace and some candles making it feel more sexy and warm looking in the dimly lit room. I also put some chips and nuts out on the table and would heat the pizzas up later. Once every one had a drink beside them we wasted no time in putting a porn movie on and a couple of guys wasted no time in getting a hard on just watching. The dim warm atmosphere was just right for fooling around with one another and all our cocks got a good work out from being sucked in a short time, plus one guy later fuck me wearing a rubber. Every body stayed together which was nice and no one left to go to another room to have sex. Two guys were strictly into oral sex and three of us were also into fucking and I was the only one being a bottom so just a few minutes before mid night one guy who I had sex with a couple of years or so fucked me bare back hoping to shoot his load of cum into my ass at the stroke of mid night while the others looked on cheering, but he ended up shooting his load into me about a minute past midnight filling my ass with a nice load of cum. Shortly after that I took a quick shower as I didn't want any cum on my couch or floors as some was oozing out of my ass and I also put the pizzas into the oven so they would be ready by the time I finished my shower. We watched another movie while eating the pizza and then we all headed to bed, which was getting close to three in the morning. By the time we did go to bed the four guys were feeling pretty good and getting loud as for myself since I don't drink I was the only sober one. I had two guys sleeping naked with me in my bed and the two other guys slept in another bedroom together also naked. I was the first one to wake up in my bed and shortly another guy woke up and since I was in the middle we started to play with each other's cocks getting one another hard and I guess we woke the other guy up sleeping beside me. The guys still had a hang over from the booze from the night before. We did stay naked and had some more sex that morning, just oral after we had some breakfast and they had a few strong cups of coffee while I just had mine regular and then the four of them each took a shower, which seemed to sober them up some. They all left my place around the noon hour and I just stayed naked for the rest of the day like I usually do.

2015-Feb-24 12:30 - Love to be nude

I have been enjoying the nude life style for many years and here is a list of things I do or have done over the years. I like and still do drive my car in the rural areas leaving my clothes at home. I like having pictures taken with nothing on and riding a bike especially on old nature trails in which I don't do any more. I have been to a nude beach and now only go to a one nudist resorts per year spending the day enjoying being with others.  Once in a while I go to a old nature trail and once there I strip and roam around and have once in a while met a jogger and a person riding a mountain bike and wave as they pass by. I still do ride my lawn tractor in the nude as I have a fair amount of grass to cut. I still do BBQ and cook in the nude. Years ago I had attended a few pool parties but for some reason the women don't want to bare all. I have had lots of sex outside and been caught a few times which to me is no big deal. When I had my boat I use to remove my bathing suit once away from the shore, and jump over the side for a refreshing skinny dip. I have been invited to get into a hot tub with friends of both sexes quite some time ago, which was fun. I have also been in some home made porn videos and that was also fun then watching them, which was neat. A couple of times I went for a nude massage and with the guys hands all over my body I got a bonner.  I still do a lot of sunbathing at home plus hardly wear clothes unless I have to go into town. Sometime ago I used to walked my dog totally naked very late at night as I live in a rural subdivision were at that time never met any one or cars and that was a little scary as there were no places to hide if I did. As the houses here are not very close and lots of trees around I have washed my car out in the driveway again in the nude. In the past I did do a fair amount of video cam chatting where guys want you and themselves to jerk off while watching one another. I have always slept in the nude since my teen-age years. I have done some shoveling snow on a mild spring day and done some painting outside. I feel so much better with no clothes on. Some times I invite guys in the summer to come up from the city to sun bath nude with me and some times more than that which is a lot of fun.

2015-Feb-24 12:27 - The UPS Guy



As I have mentioned many times before that I have guys over at my place to have sex with and sometimes just to sun bathe in the nude with me. I live alone in a rural area and most of the guys that I see are married so they can't entertain at their place and the same with mostly the single guys as they usually live with a roommate. In the wintertime we usually go into the bedroom to have sex and sometimes on the couch. In the summer time if the weather is nice we go outside either on my deck or on the grass and maybe under a tree if it is very hot. I also spend most of my time nude at home as I hate wearing clothes and always sleep nude right from my teen years. This one day I had a guy with me, both of us totally nude outside on my deck. He came over to have sex with me and we had been playing around for some time as well as taking some nude photos of us both engaged in various sex positions. It was a gorgeous sunny day with a light breeze. I had my house doors and windows closed as the A/C was on and couldn't hear the doorbell. Any body that comes to my place always phones first as I live a few miles from the city to make sure that I am at home. In the meantime I had placed an online order as I do a lot of shopping that way and they usually tell you when it will be delivered. Well my order wasn't about to arrive until three more days from now. At this particular time the guy who I was having sex with, we were laying opposite each other sucking each other off when I heard a loud voice a few feet from us shouting, need a signature scaring the shit out of us both. I don't know how long he was standing there, but definitely he saw what we doing. Instantly we stop sucking and I got on my feet still with a hard on and neither one of us said anything as I signed for my package and he turned away and left. Neither the guy whom I was with or my self gave a shit about our interruption we both carried on from where we left off. I had lost my hard on but I got it back once it was inside his warm mouth and very soon we both exploded our rocks into each other mouths.

2015-Feb-24 12:23 - Want to be photographed

Not long ago a guy from one of the many groups that I belong to asked me if I would be interested in taking some nude pictures of him as he said he had none and wanted to put some on his profile. I contacted him and told him where I lived and said I would shoot some photos of him. He replied back and agreed to come out to my place the next day if it was OK with me. I said that would be OK. The next day he showed up and as usual I met him in the nude as I spend most of my time that way and besides he had seen naked pictures of me on my profile. Once inside the house he took off all his clothes and we headed out to the back to the deck where I had my camera all set up. We sat down and chatted for a bit and then I asked him if he was ready for me to start taking some pictures. He agreed and I started to shoot at different angles of him. I told him to play with his cock and get a nice hard on and in no time he had one and again I took some different angles as well as some close up shots. I took some of him standing up as well as lying down. We again sat down and chatted some more and by now I was starting to feel horny after looking at his hard cock. I asked him if he wanted some pictures of me licking his balls and sucking his cock and he thought that would be great. After taking some pictures of me doing that he then asked if he could also get some of him sucking me. He started to play with my cock and got it hard and then put it into his mouth as I clicked on the remote and took more pictures. We then got into the 69 position taking turns of who would be on top and also a few other positions before we were done. I also decided to get a shot of me rimming him. I then went back down on him sucking his hard cock until he blew his load into my mouth. He also wanted to suck me some more, but he didn???????t make me come. I went back into the house and got some refreshments and brought them out to the deck and again sat down and I brought up the subject that we should maybe make a short video of us having sex and he thought that was a great ideal. I suggested that we should put all our clothes back on and slowly I would feel him up and remove some clothing both on him and me while the video was recording. Once we had our clothes on I turned the camera to start recording and we both laid down close to each other and I started to rub my hand on his chest and slowly slid my hand up under his T shirt and I then removed his and my shirt. I then started to suck on his nipple and at the same time I placed my other hand on his crotch rubbing it and feeling his cock getting very hard. I again stopped and removed both of his and my pants so we now just had our underwear on. I again started from where I had left off and now as I slipped my hand into his underwear, his hard cock popped up sticking out above his shorts. I then removed his shorts and left mine on and started to lick his shaft and put as much of his cock into my mouth, then started to suck a little. I then layed on my back and he pulled my shorts off and just then the camera stopped as the battery was dead. We then took the SD card out of the camera and put it into the computer and downloaded it to the hard drive, which took a little time. Once down loaded we ran the video and watched it which wasn't all that bad, but needed to be edited which I have now done and gave it to him and put the pictures also on a disk as well.

2015-Feb-24 12:19 - Wearing A Condom In Bed

In my younger man-years I was always horny and used to jerk off a few times a week even if I had sex with a woman and yes I said woman as at that time I was not interested in having sex with men or even thought about that. One thing I liked to do was when I got into bed naked at night was to play with my cock until it got rock hard which didn't take long in those days and put a little lubrication on my cock and then put on a condom .I would then turn off the light beside my bed and lay back and imagine that I was having sex with a young sexy girl while jerking off. The reason I would put on a condom is that when I shot my load it would go into it rather than shoot on the bed sheets and me and I would have to get back out of bed and clean up. This was by coming into the condom, once when my cock was drained of cum and leaving it on all night, I would soon fall to sleep feeling very relaxed. The next morning I would get up and remove my loaded condom, then take my shower. I also forgot to mention that if I had a restless night for some reason, as my cock was soft and well lubricated with all that cum in the condom, the condom would slip off and I would find it in the bed the next morning. In most cases the condom did stay on and sometimes before getting out of bed I would again get a hard on and jerk off as my cock was well lubricated with cum. It seems I was always jerking off in those days.

2015-Feb-24 12:15 - Another 3 some


The weather turned out nice this past weekend and I have been doing lots of nude sun tanning outside on the deck. While laying on the deck I was thinking how much better it would be if I had another guy beside me and fooling around with each other, as I was feeling very horny like always. I later decided to check on Craig's List under casual encounters. Half way down the page I noticed a guy asking if any one knew where one could go to sun bathe naked. There were a couple of replies so I thought I would also ad one for the fun of it. Later that day I did get a response and the guy wanted to know if he could bring his friend as I did mention roughly where I was located and he needed a ride and I also mentioned that I was in a rural area not by any water. The ad also mentioned that he was interested in having sex, so I was hoping that his friend was also either bi or gay, and then we could maybe have a 3 some. They pulled into the driveway just around noon the next day and they were both I would say in there early twenties and nice looking guys. Again I met them at the door totally nude as I had been on the deck sun tanning anyways and they wasted no time in getting into the house and removing all their clothes. Seeing both of those cocks soon got me excited thinking what we might be doing later on. It all started off by all of us getting some sun and talking and about a half hour or so later I notice that one of the guys was stroking his cock which by the way was very hard. I don't know if he was intending to jerk him self off or just playing with it. I asked him if he wanted me to give him a blowjob to which he replied sure. He got up from where he was and laid down beside me where we both started to play with each others cocks and balls and soon we were both hard. As I got into a better position to suck his cock, his friend came over to lie beside me while I was sucking his buddy. This went on for only a short time as he suggested that we do a 3 some in which we then did. I was the first to shoot my load and soon after the cock that I was sucking he shot a big load into my mouth almost chocking me and it wasn't long before the last guy also came. I was the only one to take the cum into my mouth and swallow as the other two pulled the cocks out of there mouths. After having some refreshments we were back at it again going one on one this time and we all wanted to do the old 69er with each other taking turns on being on top and bottom. By the time that we all shot another load of cum my cock went soft, but they were still hard and ready to go again. The time went by fast and soon they were heading home, but it turned out to be a good afternoon.

2015-Feb-24 09:56 - A Fun Day

A couple of years ago I had a guy coming over to hang out in the nude and to have sex with me. He had told me the time he would be at my place, so about a half hour before his arrival I went to shave and take a shower and just when I had dried myself after my shower the door bell rang so I just thought he got here a little early. I went to the door completely naked to meet him since we would both be nude in a few minutes once he got in to the house. To my surprise when I opened the door there were two women standing on the steps with Jehovah Witness literature. I told them I was sorry that I was nude as I was expecting a guy to be coming. They then turned away and left. About five minutes later the guy showed up and he laughed when I told him what had happened. He came into the house and got undressed and we went on the deck where we talked for a while, then we started to fool around with one another and you can figure what happened next. Yes we had sex the rest of the afternoon.

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